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 Atelier Oyu's Creativity Spirits


Oyu named herself creative activity of her flower arrangements with soul as "Creative Ikebana". Her creative experience gives a life-like beauty to her creations .

Oyu has thought that her flower arrangement is creation itself. Like playing music that touches the heart or painting a beautiful picture, she wants to create beautiful arrangements that enrich the heart with as much freedom of expression as possible. That is the best flower arrangement that Oyu can create.


Oyu's noble and dramatic floral arrangements has characteristic beauties these create the space design. She has studied fine art, interior design, architectural design, and color studies. These experiences have made her own arrgements of flower.




In the fall of 2022, Atelier Oyu will open New showroom in Ginza.


Atelier Oyu Ginza Showroom

Address: #401 Iwatsuki Bldg., 6-7-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Tel: +81-3-6280-8712


In September 2016, we established a small private gallery that doubles as a studio on Sodai Street, in Tokyo. Our visitors can enjoy Oyu's unique creations in the gallery.
We will exhibit other creators such as Jewelry, metals, glasses, beads, ribbons, and photography over and above Oyu's flower arrangement. Please enjoy the creations of splendid artists who pursue contemporary expressions based on Japanese Arts and Crafts in our gallery.
Please make an appointment to visit the gallery. Please contact us from the Contact page.


● Production of flower arragements

● Direction of visual design with Oyu's work


● Exhibition, sale and rental of Oyu's works

● Exhibition and sale of works by related artists

● Rental space*Consultation required

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