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Atelier OYU
Fifth aniversary
New collection

We will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Our Atelier & Gallery, and we will announce a new Oyu's work in commemoration of the work receiving the IRON AWARD at the A'Design Award.We look forward to welcoming everyone at the Gallery.

October 13, 2021-End date undecided

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 13: 00 ~ 18: 00
Please make a reservation to visit us.

Please make a reservation to the Contact page →

Below are past events


Chrismas Collaboration Show 2019
This event has ended.

Akiko Takuwa's mysterious beads jewelry will be newly added. Atelier Oyu will collaborate with Aya Tominaga, Kiyoko Fukuzawa, and Yuichi Kitazawa.

12.11wed --1221 sat

Wed / Thu / Fri / 12: 00-19: 00

Sat / 12:00 --17:00

* Reservations other than the above dates are also accepted.


Chrismas Collaboration Show 2018
This event has ended.

We will exhibit brilliant artworks Aya Tominaga, Yoko Endo , Kiyoko Fukuzawa  and Yuichi Kitazawa with Oyu's flower art.
Aya Tominaga -Jewelry and Traditional Japanese metalsmith
Yoko Endo- Jewelry
Kiyoko Fukuzawa - Fusing  and Stained glass
Yuichi Kitazawa - Ribbon art

11.29 thu --1222 sat

Thu / Fri / Sat / 12: 00-19: 00

Closed only on Saturday, December 15

* Reservations other than the above dates are also accepted.


Spring Gift Collaboration Show 2018

& Permanent Collection

This event has ended.

Would you like to collaborate with flower art on the wonderful gifts you have chosen? In the gallery, we have the popular series "Sakura", "Ice cream" and "Waffle" by jewelry artist Aya Tominaga, and the fragrance "Mlleflori" from Milan.

2.16 fri --5.13sun

Friday / Saturday / Sunday / 12: 00-19: 00

* Reservations other than the above dates are also accepted.


Chrismas Collaboration Show 2017
This event has ended.

Christmas 2017 will be a dramatic collaboration with Hiromi Ishikawa's headdress and Fumi Tominaga's Jewelry.

11.23 thu --1224 sun

Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun / 12: 00 --19: 00

12/16 (Sat) only / 18: 00-20: 00

* Reservations other than the above schedules are also accepted.

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